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- Well, boys, let's start with champagne, French? - the fragile Yulechka had

bulldog grip and alcohol-resistant organism, which my majors, burnt out by the night club life, in principle, guessed

Lenka and I looked at each other. Even the Nutcracker could envy our smiles. “No question, sweetie. Champagne! Come on, what do you have ... "Widow Clicquot" -

Serge threw to the waitress, seating Yulechka next to him on a stool.

- And where is the second bunny? There is no one to compare with yet, - Volodya was a little confused. -

And I did not understand, this is whose?

Without a wig and a stage costume, it was really hard to understand who approached - a nun, she is a schoolgirl, or a stripper in red lingerie.


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